Dawn announced expansions of EverQuest franchise

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World of WarCraft: Arthas: Rise of the Lich King Beside him rode his father, who seemed completely unaware of his son’s irritation. “This has been a day long in coming, my son,” Terenas said, turning to smile at Arthas.

EverQuest executive producer Holly Longdale producer published two letters, one is the original EverQuest, the other for EverQuest II, a detailed description of each game in the upcoming new expansion in October. For EQ, this will be its 22nd expansion, while the sequel won the first 12 expansion. Longdale letters specified for each game will have on their own livestream will be pre-twitch for each providing something special sale for a limited time window. More information promised Thursday, October 1.
The TL; DR EQ letter are:
15 new attacks
Two unrelated raid zone
Soon get all previous extensions
In the shops and the game starts October 1st Holiday Supplies
The TL; DR of EQ2 letter are:
A “raid healthy number”
Irrespective of the level of the new version of Dungeons
Update god System
Soon get all previous extensions
In the shops and the game starts October 1st Holiday Supplies
After the September 30 malicious altar no longer available for sale
Longdale also released a server consolidation EverQuest II poll results. Unlike many other games who do merge, all the players on the dawn of the new server and bounce to spin up the affected server to the new server. Name will go who has been actively working with it in the past 60 days, if more than one player with the same name and it has been active in the past 60 days, it will go to the character who created them first.
In Butcherblock, Crushbone and oasis players will be ported to Ma j’Dul.
In permafrost, Guk, and unrest player will move to the lobby fate.
In Freeport, Nagafen, permafrost players will settle in Skyfire.
There will be within one week after the merger for the players to make a free transfer to the other remaining servers, also allows players out of the largest server, Anthony Bayle’s.

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WildStar sneak into handicraft change F2P

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He squared his shoulders, tilted the visor back, and smiled and waved to the crowd that was cheering so happily on this hot summer day. Rose petals were showered upon him, and from somewhere trumpets blared. They had reached the cathedral. Arthas dismounted and a groom led away his charger. Another servant stepped up to take the helm he tugged off. His blond hair was damp with sweat, and he quickly ran a gauntleted hand over it.

Carbine Studios “Mark” pass back “Chang business skills Guy, took a deep dive latest dev blog, wilderness planet, broke some distinctive changes later this month, an upcoming free-to-play updates. Most Changes craft custom board discussion (CBC), which is used in the weapon maker, armor, travel goods, and tailoring business skills.
Crafting introduce a new level: the main floor! Here you can find the matching veteran dungeon and raid level schematic. Before you can craft one of these powerful programs, you need to save enough to learn the principles of craftsmanship vouchers (do not worry, you only need to learn it once). However, we do not want everyone around pumping out the caliber of items, so these charts also require a special type of matrix material. Different substrates were found in their respective situations and can be traded, but be careful, because if you do not match or overcharging slots, you can lose all the material matrix included.
The article also recommends that the existing production of what will happen vital equipment – a new National People’s Congres “Master of Arts” will enable you to take advantage of the new system, to create a new alternative products regardless of whether you have the right business skills and talent.

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All about the base: armored warfare new base system provides more ways to make progress

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Even tanks and crews need a place to call home.

Armored warfare latest update allows players the opportunity to build a wide range of private military company facilities, and offers a range of passive bonuses from XP bonus, in order to reduce maintenance costs, purchase discount luxury cars, and more.

In short, there are 10 different buildings players can build and upgrade from one level to eight. Early upgrade only takes a few minutes, but to go from seven to eight levels can take up to 36 hours. Improve the nature and level of prize money, and the players received some daily raw material – which can increase with the correct construction, natch – free, to help them build and improve their buildings. More ways to collect the raw materials will be added in a future update.

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WildStar free play date announced

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A kaliri reached the alcove just before Iskar. It began poking its beak through the basket hanging outside. He shooed the bird away and then unloaded the scrolls and tomes.Iskar read each title as he set them side by side atop the table.

We recorded vote last night to play for free. It will be up in a few hours on site. With Guild Wars 2 going free to play, obviously this is a big topic at the show. Because part of NCSoft’s portfolio, though, we simply talk about what Guild Wars 2 release date may be extended wilderness planet really free to play. We speculate that make the most sense in September.

Facts have proved that we are right Carbine Studios today announced that their MMORPG will be officially free of the September 29 broadcast of conversion.

On this day, Nexus will be open to any and all players may wish to try to meet the challenges. This update does not just free play, although conversion and beta testing will continue the game with the second closed beta phase begins today in.

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Batla: War of the Mini Robots

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Kiev-based independent developer geim.pro has opened the arenas of its successful title Batla for players worldwide. Batla was launched on Steam for free on May 15th, the Unity engine-based arena shooter is picking up popularity. With nearly 10 million registrations and 150,000 daily active players, Batla is one of the current successful games from Eastern Europe.

In search of new resources, the highly developed robots from outer space landed on Earth looking to exploit the planet. But due to a fatal error, the success of the project is in danger: the robot’s calculations have disregarded that they are, according to Earth scale, very tiny. However, the shock was quickly overcome when they discovered the source of their desire is to be found in children’s rooms all over world – glucose. Deeply divided among themselves and driven by sugar addiction, the mini robots engage in fierce battles for the precious treasure.

So you’re basically playing a fast paced FPS as a sugar addicted mini robot on a rampage, great!

Players can choose from three classes: Soldiers, Scouts and Tanks. Each call is equipped with an arsenal of ten different weapons and diverse skills. The action-packed PvP battles take place on 15 diversified maps. Depending on the surroundings, sandcastles, racecourses, toys or water bombs can be used as tactical elements or weapons. The game’s four modes Capture the Candy, King of the Hill, Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch allow team-based and thrilling gameplay.


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DOTA 2 Custom Games Are Here

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Custom Games are new experiences coming to Dota 2 that are created by the community. These games can be anything from a grand brawl between ten Invokers, to a story-driven dungeon adventure, to something creative that no one has seen before.

The addition of custom games represent a continuation of the tradition that gave birth to Dota, Team Fortress and Counter-Strike. Valve want to build an ecosystem where you can experience something new every time you launch Dota 2.

If you’d like to begin creating a Custom Game of your own, check out part 2 of the update site to learn more about the new custom games.


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World of Warcraft patch 6.1 is out today; here’s all the best bits

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It’s patch day today inside Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, and with it a flurry of new goodies. Patch 6.1 introduces some juicy and long awaited features such as the new Blood Elf models, Heirloom collection tab, Twitter integration and some major improvements to how Garrisons function.

We’ve compiled a list of the best and biggest additions below, so take a look for a head start before you dive into the game.

Before you even log into the game, you’re going to want to take a look at your addons – almost all of them will require updating to ensure they work with the new patch.

That’s right, the last and final model update has finally hit the live game. Both male and female Blood Elves will now look as gorgeous as their other Horde counterparts. But they didn’t just get a face-lift – they also received an overhaul to their animations too; you should probably dance everywhere you go.

Make sure to visit the barber to try out the new hairstyles and face models if you’re not happy with the one you’ve got right now.

I don’t know about you, but my bank was teeming with unused Heirloom items that had long since outlived their usefulness. Blizzard have now implemented a dedicated Heirloom tab, which is where you’ll now find all your experience boosting armour, weapons and trinkets. Accessed with the “Shift+P” command, the tab will allow you to generate as many copies of each item, as much as you want.

Make sure to log in to each of your characters to add any heirlooms you might have to your tab, which is universal across your account.

If you’re a social media fanatic, then be prepared: you can now tweet from directly within World of Warcraft, about pretty much anything you fancy. Kill a really hard boss? You can Tweet that. Loot an epic piece of gear? You can Tweet that. Finally get your hands on that feat of strength achievement? Yes, you can Tweet that. Just head into the social settings and sign up your Twitter account.

There’s also a new item, the S.E.L.F.I.E Camera, which you can use to take nonchalant pictures of your vain self. You’ll need to luck out with a random Garrison follower mission to get it though, and then it also needs to be upgraded if you want Instagram-like capabilities of picture effects.

Where do we start? Players will now have access to a random “visitor” each day, offering various services. They can hand out dungeon quests, raid quests, bounties or new Relic quests (which ultimately will reward you with Harrison Jones as a follower). The final type of visitor will allow you to trade either ore, herbs or fur in for Primal Spirits.

When taking on a Garrison Invasion, players can now sometimes find an item which will summon one of six new raid/world bosses. They’re intended for between 10-40 players, so make sure to call in some friends.

Outside of your Town Hall, you’ll also find a vendor that will trade Garrison Resources for rush orders. These items will instantly complete five work orders, allowing you to reap the benefits without having to wait the three hour period.

Your Garrison will now include a Jukebox, which can be activated to play many of WoW’s iconic music. But it’s not that easy – you’ll need to collect new songs throughout Azeroth and beyond to fill up your library.

The patch is filled with hundreds of smaller details, here’s just a few of the good ones.

You can now visit your Garrison Menagerie upon hitting level 100 to obtain a single use item which will instantly level a single battle pet to 25.
Garrison work orders can now be submitted in multiples – no more mad clicking!
There’s a slew of new graphics options in the system menu, check them out to make Azeroth look even more pretty.
The Legendary Ring Quest can now be progressed even further – it’s said a legendary follower awaits all those who can complete it.
While riding via a flight path, players can now press a button to cancel the trip early, and disembark.
Dying will now provide you with a Death Recap, detailing exactly what killed you. If you’re raiding, just make sure to stay out of the damn fire!
If you’re colourblind, you can now access a whole new selection of colourblind filters to fulfill your needs. They’re located in the “Accessibility” section of the “Interface” settings menu.
Those were the best bits, but if you want to read the full thing, click here for the 6.1 patch notes in all their unaltered glory.


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